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The Spirit of Donald Fraser Roams the Passages of  Riccarton Racecourse Hotel

I find it too terrible to think that people might book into a hotel because it looks pretty regular, but once you’re inside the horror begins. The Riccarton Racecourse Hotel in New Zealand is like that and looks as though you could have an ordinary night in it. And yet it is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Christchurch, New Zealand. Apparently in 1933 Donald Fraser was murdered in the hotel sleeping next to his wife.

This murder happened in the dark hours of the night and to this day the former licensee of the hotel’s spirit roams the passages and rooms of the hotel as he searches for his killer who has never been discovered. He was shot dead from a  double-barrelled shotgun and was just 41 at the time.

the eerie and paranormal activities- a fact?

There had been a party at the hotel on the night of his death and everyone was thoroughly checked but there just was never enough evidence to find the killer. The particularly cold-blooded murder at the hotel may well have created a sensation way back in 1933, but today  even its plain and calm exteriors won’t have me staying over for a night just to experience the wrath of Donald Fraser. Let me know of any haunted spots you know of which might be worth a visit if I can pluck up the courage.


Haunted Houses, New Zealand

The Terrifying Carlile House

Carlile House is one of those houses that you just need to look at to know that it is haunted. It’s a grey stone building, with broken windows, and a general air of disdain and neglect. Of course- that’s not the only reason why the area has attracted so many people– paranormal investigators and enthusiasts- it is also the incredibly depressing and terrifying history of the house.

Carlile House Auckland - Scary, creepy paranormal house

For years, Carlile House was know as “Costley Training Institution for Orphans”- and yes, it was exactly like it sounds. The conditions in the institution are supposed to have been appalling- so it is no surprise that in 1912, 43 boys died due to a fire related accident. Of course ,an event like that cannot go completely unmarked, and it’s said that the souls of the boys who lost their life in the fire still roam the halls of the house. People have reported feeling strange sensations while looking at the house- some have even said they saw somebody looking at them through the windows. It is also believed that one can hear the footsteps of the children- climbing up and down the stairs.

Carlile House is an incredibly scary looking place, and all the stories about it’s history just make it even more terrifying. It’s certainly a must-visit for people who are fans of the paranormal, because it feels like you’re just in an episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. It’s our chance to experience horror story like rooms and houses in real life- who would want to miss out on that?!

sydney park house

Lots of Tragic Incidences at Studley House, Australia

My weird fascination with phantoms and monsters has taken me to some interesting places. One of my more recent explorations took me to Studley Park House, bought in 1888 by a grazier and businessman William Charles Payne.  This haunted house, now in Camden Golf Course, NSW, has had its fair share of tragic incidents, one being the drowning of a 14-year-old boy in the dam in the year 1909. This grand old house has changed owners a number of times and over the years people have reported paranormal occurrences at the house. In fact so convinced are people who spirits inhabit the house that microphones and cameras have even been set up by a documentary crew to find paranormal activity.

sydney park house

According to a ghost tour guide, the spirit of a girl moaning belongs to Amelia, a girl who was raped and then murdered in a top floor bedroom. On top of that, roofing contractors have also claimed to have found a hangman’s noose dangling inside the house. I just wonder about this… it’s what makes exploring these places so totally fascinating. Did it all really happen or not? Let me know if you’ve got any scary stories to tell – I’d love to know about it.

white house haunted

White House Haunted

Not many buildings are considered as iconic as the office and residence of President of US – the White House. White House needs no introduction, and neither it is unfamiliar that it is also considered to be haunted. Not one or two, but many staff members as well as officials have talked about eerie sightings and bizarre occurrences. Harry Truman, the 33rd President of US, is said to have written to his wife that ‘The damned place is haunted sure as shooting’.’

Many ghostly legends are talked about, and the legend of Abraham Lincoln, who has been seen and felt by many residents, is the most common one.  He was seen by none other than President Winston Churchill himself.

white house the haunted home

During the times of 2nd World War, Winston Churchill is said to have taken a hot bath and he came out naked walking to his bedroom. What he saw was Mr. Lincoln warming himself by the fire. Churchill reportedly remarked – “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Mr. Lincoln is said to have left smiling. He was Lincoln the ever calm personality.

There are many other who have seen Mr. Lincoln and these include Jacqueline Kennedy, President Truman and Maureen Reagan. He is mostly seen in his bedroom or the hallway. Eerie is it not?

And recently Mrs. Obama also claimed of witnessing some paranormal activities. Now this also proves that we don’t die with death, we live beyond death. Scary or Reassuring? Your decision .

Dunedin's Northern Cemetry, Graveyards, New Zealand

Eerie Graveyards

Graveyards are really frightening. The aura of the place is enough to kick out the bravery. A graveyard on a full moon night is the ultimate scary experience. Looks right out of a horror movie is it not? Add to that the cricket chirping and you get the perfect recipe for a scary horror movie,

The haunted cemetery at Dunedin

I recently had a tour of the Dunedin’s haunted northern cemetery. It is indeed very scary. I took the hair raiser tour for the night scary experience. The guide was himself very scary. With the colored teeth he looked like the crazy Jack who goes about the graveyards at night.  The special ghost tours are really exciting. At first I did not feel the fear. I am supposed to be brave and used to taking night rides out of the city, and am afraid only on Giant wheels. However this was different. I put a brave face but did not last long.
The guide suddenly disappeared and I was all alone in the dark. I looked around, and found nobody. I was really scared. Then I saw something – Oh it was some kind of shadow and it was floating in air. My brain stopped working and if not for the guide appearing behind me, I would have suffered a heart failure. Not joking, and believe me I was literally frightened to the core.
I will never forget the experience at Dunedin cemetery, and I give credit to the organizers for having a guide. There is something about the place which is not normal. Since that visit I find every graveyard scary and I avoid going near any. There is nothing more frightening that a bunch of graves together. I have lost all bravery I used to show earlier. Oh creepy graveyards!!!!

California, USA

The Winchester Mystery House

San Jose, USA might not sound like an incredibly freaky place. However, the haunted mansion to rule them all is located in San Jose. The house, called the Winchester House, was owned by Sarah Winchester who was the sole heir to the Winchester rifle medium. After a life full of sorrow, Sarah decided to visit a medium, who told her that she had been cursed. After all, all her money came from guns that were used to kill people. The medium told her that the spirits were mad- but they could be held at bay as long as Sarah kept building her house.

Winchester Mystery House

From then, till the day she died, Sarah kept construction going on in the house (must have gotten a loan from simplecash, cannot imagine how else she could have managed that), in an attempt to lure the ghosts and the spirits away from her. The house, to day, is full of staircases that lead to the ceiling, corridors that end at a dead end, doors that open to blank walls. There are a number of other motifs- spiritual motifs- around the house that have led a number of people into thinking that Sarah was haunted and did all that she can to make sure that she was not taken forcibly. The house is open for visitors and it is certainly a spine chilling experience.

Hollywood, USA

Haunted Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the most famous places in the world, it’s where dreams come true. Well, hopefully for the lucky few but unfortunately it is also the graveyard of dreams, and the final resting place of hundreds of celebrities. There are numerous reports of hauntings, but let’s start a that most iconic location: the Hollywood sign. Access to the sign is forbidden and has been for many years, and even if you climbed up there it’s a rugged hike, but that hasn’t stopped some people from trying their luck. The site is reportedly a hotspot for paranormal activity which many theorists link to the death of a struggling young actress called Peg Entwistle who committed suicide at the sign in 1932.  There have been numerous reports of a blonde woman dressed in 1930s-style clothing who appears to glide around the surrounding trails in Griffith Park in a daze, she is often accompanied by the strong scent of gardenias (Peg’s favorite fragrance).

The Hollywood sign is haunted

Hollywood hotels are the preferred hangouts for dead celebrities, with the most infamous being the Roosevelt Hotel, which has a long history of catering to the showbiz elite. The Roosevelt is allegedly haunted by Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn and Montgomery Clift, amongst others and hosts weird paranormal occurrences such as orbs, strange noises and cold spots. Clift’s ghost allegedly haunts room 928 on the ninth floor playing a trumpet or pacing around the corridor practicing lines and Monroe’s image is said to appear in a full-length mirror. Monroe frequently appears at other locations too, including the Knickerbocker Hotel’s women’s restroom and the Knikerbocker is also home to all sorts of weird parnormal activity with sightings of Rudolph Valentino and it hosted seances to contact Harry Houdini.

You kind of wonder why ghosts would ever want to hang around a cemetery, but apparently they do at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! Founded in 1899, it was the final resting place for loads of celebrities and it’s the one haunted location that is most accessible to the public. Some visitors claimed they’ve seen a ghost woman in black kneeling in front of Valentino’s tomb, others have seen a rose suddenly appear in the vase on the wall. Some have heard footsteps when no one was there, while others have the feeling they’re being watched. Paramount Studios is located next to the cemetery, so it seems inevitable that some spooky stories have also come out the Paramount buildings too.